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       The technician exhibited significant knowledge about the process and products in use in our home. His professional attitude, genuine care, and amiable nature underscored his integrity and intent to deliver excellent results.    
T. VanHorn20/07/2024

       The staff were courteous when I requested they be mindful of the wires connected to the house. They performed excellently, tidied the lawn, and bagged up leaves.    
Tyler Khan10/07/2024

       Trustworthy service with good cleaning.    

       Impressive cleaners. Very detailed and utterly professional.    

       Impeccable service - They have always been responsive and efficient in providing assistance whenever I've contacted them for support. The cleaning team were superb and my home was left in a beautiful state. Highly recommend.    
Beatrice Dale22/05/2024

       The consistent high-level service from this company is what keeps us loyal customers year after year.    

       A huge round of applause for the team's exceptional work and impeccable service. They definitely earned a perfect score of 10/10.    
Emma Jackson27/03/2024

       Amazing assistance and utmost professionalism from the staff of Kennington Cleaning Services. Our two experiences with them have been met with great success, thanks to their skills and dedication.    
E. Munroe11/03/2024

       Today's carpet cleaning has made such a difference in the overall cleanliness of my home - thank you, cleaner, for your exceptional service.    
Kevin H.01/03/2024

       They completed the work with efficiency and professionalism.    
Katrina G.19/02/2024

       Thank you so much to Kennington-Cleaners for their outstanding work yesterday. They were punctual and completed the job effortlessly, delivering remarkable results on my carpets.    
Zoe Fowler09/02/2024

       From start to finish, this service impressed me with its easy booking system and the flawless results achieved through their advanced steam cleaning techniques.    
Ralphy Poole30/01/2024

       I never thought my old, stained carpet could look so beautiful, all thanks to KenningtonCleaners.    
Leanne Perry20/01/2024

       Extremely satisfied with the service provided by these cleaners - chatty yet professional, they left no stone unturned when it came to cleaning the office space up to scratch - outstanding work!    
I. Jonas25/10/2023

       I was at a loss for how to clean my expensive Persian rugs. I was in luck though, as Kennington Cleaning Services had the solution. They cleaned my rugs brilliantly without damaging the fibres or the colours. 10/10, easily!    
Samantha G.31/05/2016

       Even though I live in a bungalow I just don't have the energy to clean the windows anymore. I've always done jobs like this myself, so I was quite upset when I realised I wasn't capable of doing it anymore. My wife called Cleaners-Kennington and hired their window cleaning team. I have to say, even though I was reluctant the results of the job are really very impressive, and better than I've ever done. Now that I know these guys can do it so much better, I don't feel so bad.    
Ryan Anderson10/02/2016

       It's no surprise to see that Cleaning Kennington have, once again, left my office cleaner than it was before. We work hard, so it's tough to find the odd hour here and there to deal with the cleaning around the work place. Rather than taking time away from the job, I turned to an expert option. It's made a big difference. Since then, I honestly think I've been able to work harder. It's just a nicer working environment. Very pleased. Hopefully they'll be back soon!    
Sara C.05/11/2015

       I had just bought a new home and it was a mess when I got it. I got in touch with Kennington-Cleaners for a move-in clean and they were happy to organize a cleaning team for me for a day. They worked for eight hours straight without a break and the end result almost transformed the place. It looked brand new and I loved how they kept me informed every step of the way about what they were doing. I am definitely going to use them on a more regular basis once my house is set up.    
Tony H.18/02/2015

       I have three kids, and cleaning up the house is a difficult job that takes up a lot of my time. I was wasting my life away just by cleaning, and now that I've got Kennington-Cleaners and their cleaners to help me, I can't believe just how much easier everything is! I have more spare time, my house is always spotless and I never have to worry about my weekly chores. My home always looks beautiful and well-cared for, and I'm also very happy with the reasonable price of the service!    
Lucy G.29/01/2015

       It's been a bit of a busy few weeks, but in hindsight, it was definitely made a lot easier thanks to Kennington-Cleaners. They've been helping us with the cleaning for a while now, but we decided to go really in depth in preparation for a big party and as such, we needed to be sure that we were getting great results. After they'd been, I don't think I've ever know a cleaner home. And that cleanliness really lasted the whole course of the period. Very impressed with the services, thanks again.    
Eddie S.07/01/2015

       I was so pleased with my eco friendly cleaning service I have just had done. The cleaners only used the greenest methods to thoroughly clean my office. As I suffer from various ailments and allergies I wanted to swap to living a cleaner and more eco friendly lifestyle. A friend suggested I use Kennington-Cleaners who specialised in cleaning in this manner. The company did a wonderful job and helped supply more details on living a little cleaner. I have a great atmosphere to work in and feel a lot better in myself because of it.    
Tom Newton24/11/2014

       When I started working in the capital I couldn't face doing a load of cleaning in the evenings and during the weekends. I asked my friends for a good cleaning company to recommend and one of them mentioned Kennington-Cleaners. Appointing them was a very wise move as I didn't realise how hard it would be to get on top of the domestic duties. Their cleaners do it all for me including scrubbing the kitchen floor, cleaning the oven, polishing the windows and doing things that are very helpful like taking out the bin and washing clothes for me. I would recommend them without a doubt!    

       Just before we moved out of our house, our landlord came round to do his pre end of tenancy check, and told us that the bathroom wasn't clean enough. Stumped, having done everything we could to the best of our abilities, decided to call up a cleaner. Having spoken to lots of different friends, the name that stuck out for us most was Kennington-Cleaners, so we called them up to arrange an appointment. Fortunately they had a slot available for us the next day, and when they arrived we were blown away. The service was phenomenal, and the bathroom is still sparkling, our landlord couldn't believe it!    
Sue T.04/09/2014

       I would like to point out that I've always done my own house cleaning but having just started a part-time job and with a family to look after I found trying to get the housework done a bit of a struggle recently. So glad I phoned Kennington-Cleaners because they helped me out loads by sending me a wonderful cleaner who I have used a number of times now and I can always rely on her to do a very good job. I'm pleased with the price they charge because compared to other companies it's very reasonable and for the cleaning that's done it's very good value indeed. Many thanks!    
Autumn S.13/08/2014

       I operated my own furniture store and the show room and office was getting untidy, so I needed to take action and employ a commercial cleaning company to handle the work. I called Kennington-Cleaners and explained the situation and the customer service gave me a quote and then booked me a day. I had two chatty cleaners arrive on time, looking smart and with plenty of tools and products to get the place clean again. The cleaners did a fantastic job the finished results were great. I will be hiring them every week now to keep the place looking good for my clients.    
C. Lung24/07/2014

       I love how my rugs look after a clean from Kennington-Cleaners. I've now had my rugs cleaned by their professional cleaners quite a few times, and after some bad experienced with other “professional” cleaning companies this is definitely one that I'll be sticking to! The cleaners I've had have all been really courteous and friendly and have managed to do a great job without being too obtrusive in my home. I've had lots of compliments and one friend even thought I'd bought entirely new rugs! I love this service and haven't got a bad word to say about them - try them out for yourself!    
Francesca R.08/07/2014

       I had always wanted to hire a cleaning firm to take care of my chores but I was never too sure. I was worried that it would be too expensive or that I couldn't trust the people who would be working in my home. I was told about Kennington-Cleaners though and thought I'd give them a call. I was very happy with what I discovered as I could tell over the phone that they were what I'd wanted. I hired their services and now I have a cleaner coming to my house every week who makes my home look better than ever. If you're hesitant to call a cleaning firm, you should have no problems with Kennington-Cleaners.    
Christine L.20/06/2014

       I think that it's only when it comes to actually getting professional help that you start to notice a real difference in the actual cleanliness of your home. I was in the camp who thought that it wouldn't make that much of a difference but then a friend bought me a big spring clean from Kennington-Cleaners as part of a birthday present. After they came around, I actually notice such a big change in my house that they've come back a few times since then. I'd happily suggest their services to anyone who was doubting whether they needed professional help.    
Benjamin Gray04/06/2014

       I hired a cleaner from Kennington-Cleaners and I knew exactly what I needed doing. I had a list of specific cleaning jobs that needed tending to, and my cleaner was more than co-operative, no matter how anal I got! When I went to check on her a while later I was shocked to see that she'd gone above and beyond to provide a really thorough and impeccable level of service. My bathroom and kitchen were positively gleaming, and everything from my walls to my floors was clean and sanitary. A great service and definitely worth the money! Thanks for the help!    
Steve W.17/04/2014

       When it comes to getting my home cleaned, I really don't think I've found a company who can measure up to Kennington-Cleaners. They've been with me across two different homes and as soon as I moved into the new one, they were the first people I called. Their help is amazing, and really makes a difference. But that, combined with their prices, means that I'll never go anywhere else. They really are the best company I've found, but I've never found anyone who's been able to measure up. The best way to find out is to just give them a try.    
Russell M.19/03/2014

       Cleaning companies aren't really something that I know a lot about, and when I decided to hire a professional cleaner I wasn't too sure about where to begin my search. I tried looking online and found Kennington-Cleaners thanks to its great number of positive reviews. I naturally had pretty high hopes for them, and I wasn't left hanging! I hired a cleaner on a two-weekly basis to help tackle the dust and dirt in my home, but my house doesn't just look clean, but it feel it too! I didn't know that professional cleaners could be this good! Thanks so much for such a brilliant service!    

       After I got promoted at work I had no time to spend cleaning my house, but my limited budget was making it difficult to find a cleaning company that I wanted to use! Every cheap cleaning service out there seemed to be a bit hit-and-miss in terms of reliability and quality, and I was about to give up my search when I heard about Kennington-Cleaners. They seemed to be a really professional company and I figured I'd give them a go based on some good reviews I'd read. The cleaning company were really professional and really good at their jobs. I'll definitely be using them again!    
Vanessa Z.21/01/2014

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